I have been freelancing as an illustrator for 22 years. In that time I have appeared on TV 3 times demonstrating caricature work, and have been hired for functions, caricaturing for private parties, and for celebrities. My work has included being a political cartoonist, animator, costume designer, comic editor, script writer and graphic designer.

Here's my list of past and current clients, with dates of commission.

1988, Commenced freelancing full time as an artist/cartoonist. Clients include Number One Pop Magazine, Sounds Rock Newspaper (Script/Strip), Leicester City Council, Today newspaper (Political/News Cartoons), and various agencies.

1989, New Client. Agency work for Hannah Barbera & Mattel.

1990, New clients. Leicester City FC matchday programme. The Fox Leicester City Fanzine.

1991, New Clients. Match magazine (EMAP, Script/Strip), Roy Of The Rovers, Zit Comic, The Glass Page Design Agency (Advert animation).

1992, New Client. The Young Telegraph.

1993, Three syndicated strips in Sport Newspapers’ ‘Sunday Extra’. Charlie the Chihuahua, Baron Tincrank & Cactus Canyon (Knight Features).

1994, New clients. Editor/Contributor/Writer. Kack Comic (Sport Newspapers). UT Comic.

1995, New Client. Sweet FA Comic.

1996, New Client. Mars (Agency).

1997, New Client. Unforgettables Ltd, (Replica footballer caricature cigarette cards).

1999, New Client. Coventry City FC. Leicester Tigers Rugby Club.

2000, New Client. feature website ‘Studzup’. (Cartoon downloads. Screensavers, Desktop Icons, Animated Gifs).

2001, New Clients. , The Gooner (Arsenal Fanzine, Script/Strip), Clarins Cosmetics (Agency).

2002, Emigrated to Italy. New Client. Live & Kicking Magazine (BBC).

2003, New Client. It’s Hot! Magazine (BBC),Pop Girl Magazine (BBC), Blue Peter (BBC), Fast Car Magazine (Script/Strip).

2004, New Clients. Microstars Magazine, Football Mad, True Girl, 4Boys, Young Scientist & Fairy Princess (All Treetop Publishing), Toyota (Agency), TOTP Magazine (BBC), Choices Video Store (Agency).

2005, New Clients. Diageo (Agency).

2006, New Client. First News the Children's newspaper. The Football Association.

2007, New Client, Wilkinson Hardware (Agency)

2008, New Client, Shoot Magazine, Puma Sports

2009, New Client, BTC Activewear, Pennant Books, Hamerton Zoo (Agency), Farmer's Weekly (Agency)